Looking for a great gift? ThinkEco2 Wine Rack Review

Looking for a great gift?    ThinkEco2 Wine Rack Review

Recently, I was contacted by Jules Lavallee from ThinkEco2. She asked me if I could take a look at one of her company’s products and share my thoughts and impressions. So, we made arrangements for her business partner and craftsman Brian Bencke to send me one of their wine racks for a review.

According to Jules, ThinkEco2′s handmade wine racks, wine, liquor gift boxes and wedding décor is built from old weathered rustic fence that would otherwise go to the landfill. Brian owns and operates Briven Construction during the day and builds ThinkEco2′s creative products at night with their team.

She said, “We are small, but growing steadily. We have a passion for combining eco-conscious with philanthropy. I’ve donated our wine racks to charities including TNT Memorial, Big Brothers & Big Sisters and Mama’s Kitchen. These organizations have raised a lot of money with our wine racks and gift certificates.”

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