ThinkEco2 for your Holiday Gifts and Rustic Wedding Decor

ThinkEco2 for your Holiday Gifts and Rustic Wedding Decor

This holiday season, think about buying a gift that will be treasured and appreciated by your loved ones and the planet. Check out ThinkEco2. The online shop offers gifts that are unique, handmade and eco-friendly — all made from 100% recycled cedar. Brian Behncke, one of the founders of ThinkEco2, also runs Briven Construction Company near San Diego. He began ThinkEco2 because he wanted to recycle wood scraps from his job sites instead of sending them to the landfill. Thus, the ThinkEco2 concept was born. The idea was to use the scrap and old wood from job sites to craft a line of unique new products. Behncke teamed up with high school friend, Jules Lavalle, to form ThinkEco2 as an online company used to market Behncke’s recycled wood products through Etsy, a popular home-crafters website. In 2010, the duo started selling Behncke’s handmade and fashionably rustic wine bottle racks, planters, gift boxes, flowerboxes and coffee tables on Etsy. Here is a sampling of their beautiful products: Handmade Individual Wooden Succulent Planters with Wood Carrying Tray — This is adorable and would also be an eco-chic way to display your fresh cooking herbs.

• Slatted at the bottom for drainage.
• The six pots also work great for starting seeds and are shipped with the wooden carrying tray.
• Outside measurements of each pot are 5″x 5″x 5-½ ”. Inside dimensions are 3-¾” x 3-¾” x 5″ deep.
• Materials: recycled cedar, glue
• Price: $39.99

Handmade Wooden Wine Box — This is the perfect way to present a favorite wine or other bottled drink. ThinkEco2-gift-box.
• Inside dimensions of each compartment are 3-¼” wide and 13″ tall and will fit most wine bottles.
• Gold-colored or black hinges and latch.
• Materials: recycled cedar, glue, staples, hinges, latch
• Price: $37.99

Shabby Chic Wedding Handmade Wooden Trays for Centerpieces (set of 10) — These would be perfect for a wedding or for making some amazing holiday party centerpieces. ThinkEco2-wooden-trays.
• (10) 12x12x3 wooden trays.
• If planting directly in tray, 10 pieces of hardboard with holes drilled in them to retain the soil can be included for an additional $15
• Materials: 100% recycled cedar, staples, glue
• Price: $159.99 for 10 trays

To see all of ThinkEco2’s fabulous recycled cedar products, visit

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