UpCycleUpStyle Vegan Bowls are truly unique gifts

I spoke with Eric Johnson from UpCycleUpStyle. He creates beautiful handmade vegan bowls from recycled material.

Eric-  What inspires you?
I love art that is simple yet unique.

How did you start the business?
When visiting family in San Diego, my cousins taught me how to make these bowls. I knew that these recycled bowls would be perfect to list on Etsy! I am actually getting married in 1 year from now, and have been looking for a way to raise funds for my wedding since I am currently a full time dental student! My uncle created the eco-friendly process to take recycled and make it stronger using only water and heat. He also designed the bowls, but only had small shops in California selling them. I knew that the rest of the US (and even World) would love to have these bowls. I  have a few years of photography, online business, and social media experience, so I asked him if he would be interested in me sharing these bowls with Arizona and the rest of the World. Here we are today!

What makes your gifts unique?
Whenever someone sees one of our bowls, they immediately start asking questions. There is so much texture inside the material itself because it is 100% recycled. The imperfections in each bowl definitely add character!  

How are your products made?
First, recycled cardboard, newspaper, etc. is combined with water and heat to make it stronger. This material can be cut into any shape, so for these bowls 2 different colored sheets are cut into concentric patterns. These patterns are separated, and alternated while stacking to form a bowl shape. They are then glued, and an eco- friendly resin finish is applied!

How do they differ from other vendors on Etsy?
Our bowls are extremely versatile, and look good with style of decor, ranging from vintage to contemporary (and everything in between). We also make the bowls in an eco friendly way, using only 100% recycled post-consumer waste!
Who is your biggest customer?
We have only been online for a few weeks, and our looking forward to our first online customer! Please share our shop with your friends! http://www.etsy.com/shop/UpCycleUpStyle

I really love UpCycleUpStyle! They create pieces of art. They are making a statement for sustainability. I can’t wait to see their new creations.


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