OsoOrganic is green living. They offer trendy luxury eco-friendly clothing, accessories, furniture and more.

OsoOrganic’s Founder Tony Andrade sits down to talk to ThinkEco² about their new luxury eco-friendly website.

When did you launch OsoOrganic?

We launched OsoOrganic in October of this year.

The name OsoOrganic is unique. How did you come up with the name?

The name represents our roots and commitment to building an environmentally
sustainable marketplace.  Oso means bear in Spanish.  The symbol of a bear
appears frequently in Southwestern art, like the Kokopelli.  Being a native
of the Southwest, I liked the idea of having something representing home in
the name and logo.

What was your inspiration?

It’s no secret, the mainstream marketplace is saturated with stuff made
from environmentally damaging materials in pollutant-producing factories,
where working conditions are an afterthought, if a thought at all.  That
burns me at the deepest level of my being and as I saw it, I had two
choices – be upset or do something about it.  At OsoOrganic, environmental
sustainability directs all that we do.

What is your background?

Prior to OsoOrganic, I earned a law degree with an emphasis on natural
resources and environmental law.  I practiced for five years before
eventually launching OsoOrganic, which had been a longtime dream.

What makes your company unique from other eco-friendly websites?

OsoOrganic is unique in that we offer stylish, luxurious items – all of
which are made using environmentally sustainable materials.  In addition,
our offerings span numerous product categories, giving OsoOrganic the most
comprehensive, exclusively eco-friendly selection in the market.

When looking for new products, what do you look for?

I look for brand partners who share my sense of responsibility for the
well-being of our planet. I particularly love products crafted from
recycled or reclaimed materials. There are so many creative, eco-conscious
people and their ingenuity is helping solve the environmental issues we see
going on around us.  I also love products made using quickly and easily
renewable resources, like bamboo and hemp.

What is a misconception people have about eco-friendly products?

I think for some people the label “eco-friendly” still conjures up images
of baggy apparel and perhaps shoddy handiwork.  That hasn’t been the case
for some time.  Green merchandise has become not only fashion forward but
also superior in quality to conventional alternatives.

Why should people choose eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly options are healthier for not only the planet, but also for us
and our families.  By choosing “green” options we cast our vote in favor of
an environmentally responsible economy and marketplace.  Supporting
companies that pollute our planet represents a vote in favor of
environmental degradation.  It’s up to us to make the right choice.