Must have Fun and Unique Gifts for the Holidays

photophotoI love giving handmade unique gifts. Handmade gifts come from the heart and are truly appreciated. I remember making my parents a wooden bird house for their patio and seeing their smiling faces. Then I made a wooden shelf for their bedroom, a clay vase for their kitchen, and of course, hundreds of cards. They displayed these works of ” Art” for all of their friends to see in our home.

There is something about handmade gifts that brings you back to your childhood. I recently stumbled upon handpainted ornaments by Handpainted by Cyndie. Wow! It was so cool to see a beautiful golden retriever handpainted on an ornament. Oh, I thought of my golden retriever Buster Brown when I was growing up. Oh, the wonderful memories…

As I explored Cyndie’s site, I noticed custom painted wine glasses. As a wine lover, I thought what a fun and unique gift for friends and family. As I looked through her site, I saw handpainted designs of movie stars, Steve Woziniak, Co-Founder of Apple, Bridesmaids, and beautiful people on wine glasses.

I asked Cyndie, “What inspires you?” “My customers inspire me,” “I truly love creating gifts that bring smiles to their faces… “I love my business, because I’m able to create beautiful memories for people.”

Handpainted by Cyndie started out of frustration. Every holiday, Cyndie was having trouble finding fun and unique gifts for her family and friends. So, Cyndie started painting ornaments of homes, vacations…special memories. She was encouraged by so many people to consider offering her ornaments as a business. Since, her products are so visual, she used social media to gain interest. She posted a few pictures on Facebook and other sites, and the response was overwhelming, alas Handpainted by Cyndie was born.

As an Entrepreneur, I was curious about what customers are saying about Cyndie’s creations. One of her customer said, “My mom cried when she opened the ornament” and another said, “This is the most wonderful gift I’ve ever received”. Cyndie is able to paint cherished memories. A lost pet, the home you grew up in…you name it. After she paints the item, she always sends a photo, and truly loves the feedback. A customer recently told Cyndie, ” I love them so much, I’m so excited to give this to them”.

Cyndie’s custom work is truly a great gift for the holidays. Whatever a customer can dream up, she can do…down to colors, attire…she can put a giraffe in the front yard of someone’s home. Custom work is so unique…You could never buy it in a store. Her handpainted gifts are personal and inspirational.

Cyndie not only has a passion for painting memories that will be cherished for a lifetime, but she also has a passion for helping people. She partners with many charities to help with fundraising.


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