Eco-friendly Products for Every Occasion

For the eco-conscious, check out ThinkEco² handmade eco-friendly cedar wine racks, wine boxes, and liquor gift boxes. They are making use of cedar that would otherwise go to the landfill.

Made from 100% recycled reclaimed cedar, the handmade products go perfectly with your favorite wine or liquor. ThinkEco² wine racks are durable, rustic, and come in a variety of colors. They fit nicely onto a countertop or small pantry. They can be found at

The handmade repurposed cedar wine boxes are great for Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Wedding or any special occasion. The handmade liquor gift boxes are perfect for Groomsmen.

ThinkEco² goal is to build great durable rustic products for people to enjoy and to build jobs in USA. In addition they also offer beautiful handmade patio tables with built in planter and garden products. Great for the environment and perfect for gifts.

Great gift for a birthday, anniversary or wedding. Handmade in San Diego. View it at

For more information contact Jules Lavallee


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