Looking for unique gifts? Handmade Eco-friendly Products in San Diego

ThinkEco² launches Eco-friendly Products in San Diego
By Jeffrey Harding

ThinkEco² launches handmade 100% recycled cedar wine racks, garden products, and patio tables with built in planters.ThinkEco² launches Eco friendly Products in San Diego

ThinkEco² thinks that saving trees is good business. Their repurposed reclaimed cedar products are sturdy, rustic and made out of wood that would otherwise go to the landfill.

ThinkEco² founder, Brian Behncke, works for Briven Construction during the day and handcrafts wine boxes, wine racks, and patio tables at night.

ThinkEco² creative eco-friendly products can be found at http://www.etsy.com/shop/thinkeco2

The handmade wine racks are offered in natural or a variety of colors including black- framed, green, red, and stained. “People love the colored frames,” says Behncke. “They fit perfectly onto a countertop or small space pantry.”

Handmade recycled garden pot planters with trays are also very popular in the ThinkEco² shop. “These planters are perfect for weddings or apartment living,” says, Behncke. “We also offer rustic cedar wedding trays perfect for flower arrangements.” “They have the look and feel of a wine country wedding.” “We are noticing a lot of sales from the East Coast,” says, Behncke.” We want our eco-friendly products to be the go-to for unique gifts,” says Behncke.

ThinkEco² also offers beautifully handcrafted repurposed cedar tables with built in flower planters.

ThinkEco² is building local jobs and supporting charities including The Pathwayhome.org, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Team Rubicon, and Mama’s Kitchen.

Contact: Jules Lavallee Founder ThinkEco² at jules@thinkeco2.com


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