Briven Construction and ThinkEco² launches eco friendly patio furniture

Briven Construction and ThinkEco² launches repurposed patio furniture

 ThinkEco² eco-friendly cedar wine racks, garden products and   furniture are truly unique

PRLog (Press Release)May 24, 2013SAN DIEGO — ThinkEco²   Handcrafts 100% recycled cedar wine racks and garden pot planters

ThinkEco² offers eco-friendly wine racks, wine boxes, and garden pot planters with trays. The 100% recycled cedar products are handcrafted in downtown San Diego. “We want to build jobs here in San  Diego,” Says, Brian Behncke, President of ThinkEco². “I own Briven Construction.” “I wanted to build products with the scrap wood from my   projects.” “I saw a need for quality handcrafted products that weren’t from China.” Says, Behncke. “I’m proud to say, our products are sturdy and chic.”

ThinkEco² wine racks are durable, rustic, and come in a variety of colors.   “We wanted to offer colors to fit seamlessly on a countertop or pantry,” Says Behncke. “They are multi-purposed. They can also be   used to store canned goods. They are perfect for apartment living.”

ThinkEco² also offers reclaimed and repurposed cedar wine boxes. They are a treasure for someone who has everything.

ThinkEco² offers an EcoWine² gift rack package that includes personalized etched wine. “We want ThinkEco² to be the go-to for unique gifts.” ”For wine lovers who are socially-conscious, this is the perfect gift,” Says Behncke.

ThinkEco² offers 100% recycled garden pot holders with tray. “People really love these holders.” “They are great for apartment living,” Says,   Behncke.

“We carry our products on It is an online eco-friendly marketplace,” Says, Behncke

ThinkEco² wants to keep jobs local and support Veterans.

Contact: Jules Lavallee Founder ThinkEco² at



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