Making Social Media Work for a Small Business

Social Media can be overwhelming for a beginner. I’d recommend creating a daily schedule and an editorial calendar for your social media plan.

Let’s begin early in the morning with LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows for open discussion on insightful topics and puts you in front of your potential customers. Everyday create 3 questions that will elicit dialogue about your area of expertise. For example, since I am an eco-friendly marketer I ask questions like “Is blogging important to your business?” “What inspires you to blog?” “Why buy eco friendly products?” “How do you use Pinterest for your business?” “How do you drive potential customers to your Facebook?” Ask yourself, what would I want to know about a particular subject. What interests me? You can also use the responses to provide tips in your next blog. In addition, you will be viewed as an Expert among the LinkedIn Community. This is vital for your business.

Pinterest can be very useful to convey your story about your products. I’d recommend posting several photos in the morning and several in the evening. It is all about the visual. Hire a photographer to take professional photos. You want your photos to speak to the potential customer. Place your products in context. For example, our recycled cedar wine racks fit easily and looks attractive on a countertop. Our photos of our eco friendly rack include 12 bottles of wine placed in the corner of our countertop. It looks simple, but elegant. Lighting and clarity of the photos are also extremely important when conveying your story on Pintrest, Instagram, and other social media.

Google+ is worth the time to nurture your relationships, join communities and share your valuable content. Share your blogs, share creative photos from Pinterest of your products or related products, share your valuable posts from LinkedIn and posts from other bloggers in your field. Your goal is to keep the conversation alive. You want people to think of you when they need a particular product. Be visible-

Your Facebook should tell a story. Share your favorite links to valuable content, show your Fans new products, announcements, and events. Keep the content fresh. Share your Facebook link on LinkedIn.

Jules Lavallee is a Marketer and Consultant. She is the Founder of ThinkEco² an eco-friendly company offering handmade 100% recycled cedar wine racks, wine boxes, and herb pot planters in San Diego, CA.


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