Give eco-friendly gifts


ThinkEco² creates beautiful wine racks and garden products out of recycled cedar wood. These handcrafted products are truly one-of-a-kind and sturdy. The wine racks can fit easily onto a countertop or in your pantry. You can choose from rustic or a variety of colors including mint green, pink, black, or aqua. The racks hold up to 12 bottles. They are durable and chic.

Brian Behncke, Owner of ThinkEco² is also the Owner of  Briven Construction. He works as a construction worker by day and artisan by night. He enjoys building rustic wine boxes that are unique gifts in San Diego. His goal is to become the go-to for eco-friendly gifts.

ThinkEco² also handcrafts 100% recycled cedar garden pot holders with trays. These are absolutely perfect for apartment living. They are creatively made from reclaimed and repurposed wood and are durable.

ThinkEco² is working on building jobs in San Diego.

Check out our products at Etsy is an online marketplace for eco-friendly products. 

For more information contact Jules Lavallee


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