Eco-friendly products is real business

Construction Worker by Day Artisan By Night    

Brian Behncke, Briven Construction and President of ThinkEco².    
What inspired you to start your own eco-friendly business? I work in construction. I noticed all the wood that was being thrown away. I thought what a shame, so I started building wine racks and garden products at night. I found It is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell recycled goods online. I started selling my products right away.    
Can anyone start a recycling business? Yes, I think anyone who has extra material can make a difference and start a business. It can be very lucrative, plus you feel good about saving the environment.    
Where can we find your products? ThinkEco² is found on
What is your favorite product to craft? I personally, love the wine racks. They are multi-purposed. They can be used as a wine rack and also as a storage bin for canned goods. They are perfect for apartment living. They are rustic, yet modern. I’ve added colors to give them an added touch.
What is your goal? I want ThinkEco² to be the go-to for unique gifts for the socially-conscious.    
Where would you like to see, ThinkEco² in 2-years? I would like for us to grow and create jobs in the U.S. I’d really like to offer jobs to our Veterans.  
Do you feel that people are being more socially responsible? Yes, I think people realize that it is time for a change. Recycled goods is a smart choice and smart business.    
 Contact: Jules Lavallee

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